Empower yourself in your community!
All you need is a mobile phone with an SMS facility and Naybers will keep you, your family and community safe, connected and organised.
An sms is a great way for information to be passed from one neighbourhood to another and for all relevant information to be tracked and monitored.

Monitoring suspicious behaviour by Neighbourhood Watches, Community Policing Forums, Municipality Observatories and Security Companies empowers them to prevent crime.

An organised and connected community, is a safe and productive one.
Key Members
Active Citizen

Your are now an empowered active citizen.
Naybers SMS to News post will empower you to get your message to the community in a way that has never been easier. From identifying that suspicious person to lost and found
Step 1 Save 33800 into your phone under contacts.
Step 2 Type your message.
Step 3 Send!
News Posts
Share News and Photos with your area to everyone up to date !
SMS Naybers
Receive and send local news Free via SMS and your mobile phone. Security, News, Alerts !
Local Communicators
Find and follow your faviorite Business, Clubs, Churches, Schools and Security organisations to get the latest news and events.
Community Leaders !
Contact us if you are a Community Leader!

Setup your Free Local Observatory station.
Monitor Your Community
View SMS's and replies From the SMS Naybers System in your selected area.
SMS Broadcasting
Broadcast SMS's to your community from your mobile phone or the Obervatory Station.
Community leaders are verified to protect Naybers members.

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